IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye 

Hello friends, 

So today I decided to give my 2 cents/ review/thoughts on ‘Bye bye under eye’ concealer by IT cosmetics. Let’s get started :

 1. First impression & Application – I got very excited when I saw this product. I mean full coverage, water proof & anti aging. Sounds insanely good to me. 

As far as the actual application is concerned, I must say, Guys, a little bit of this product goes a really really long way. I am not even kidding !!! The product itself is quite thick in consistency and has a little bit of tacky/sticky feel to it. But once applied, it is magical.

Oh and That brings me to my next point for actually applying the concealer. For me, a beauty blender is the way to go. Nothing else gave the concealer a nicer finish as much as a beauty blender did. The product needs to be ‘set’ or else just expect it to crease. No jokes! 

 2. Price- it costs about $24 for 0.28 oz & comes in 4 shades. 

  1. Longevity : I’d say it stay on for good 6-8hrs. At least for me that’s the case and that’s sort of including the waterproof factor since it’s rains a lot where I live. So yeah !

  2. Packaging – I really like it’s compact tube packaging. You just take out as much of the product you need ( which is very little). No mess!! 

  3. Overall: I really like the product and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for high coverage concealer. For me personally, it’s not something I will use on everyday basis, it is more like a special occasion concealer for me. Thumbs up! 

Total score : 9/10. There’s always room for some improvement  😊

That wraps up my review for this product.

Let me know if you guys would like my product review and what do you guys think of this product if you have used it. I’d be more than happy to know all about it. 

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Have a wonderful day you al. 

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Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2016 

Hi Guys,

In case, you have not heard of a Walmart beauty subscription service, here’s how it works. You pay $5 in shipping for each box you get. The subscription gets you a total of 4 boxes per year (expense- $20 total/year), so basically you get 1 box each season ( every 3 months). Now that we have this sorted, here’s the video that is up on my channel featuring all the products I received in my box this time. My Walmart beauty box.

I will be honest, so far I have received about 6-7 boxes in the past but they were just ‘meh’. But once I received this box, I can definitely say Walmart seems to have raised their bar (a little bit). I am really impressed with my spring box and that’s why I thought of sharing what I got in my box with you all thru a video. Here’s the link to my video, if you guys want to check it out. My Walmart beauty box. Please don’t forget to let me know what you guys think of it. 

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Tre Stique blush – Bora Bora


Hi Guys, as promised,  today I will be reviewing tre-stique blush in the color called ‘bora-bora’. So here it goes :


  1. Application – I must say, it applies very smoothly and has a powdery feel to it.

  2. Price- $34 USD. Additional $5, if you want to get the blush brush.

  3. Longevity – Not impressed at all. Not sure if it’s the color but it disappear in no time. The only time I remember seeing it is on my face was at the time of application.

  4. Packaging – I really like the packaging.

  5. Overall: The product is nicely made and can be very useful for on-the-go type of people. As far as the actual product is concerned, it didn’t work for me.

Total score : 5/10.

That wraps up my review for this product.

Let me know if you guys would like me to review any other product. I’d be more than happy to do that.

Till than,

Have a wonderful day you all


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All About ‘Being Magnifique’

being magnifique

Hello my friends, followers, Subscribers and all my Desiz, 

This is a very basic introductory post explaining what ‘Being Magnifique’ (BM) is about. It is a blog comprises of our experiences and thought on fashion, makeup, weddings,sparkles, decors, glitz & glam ( Mostly for and from an Indian standpoint). So basically everything that revolved around these topics and anything that we find interesting enough to share, we will share with you all. 

About the tale writers : We are two crazy sisters in our twenties, extremely fun-loving, happy-go-lucky with sometimes similar but sometimes different likes, prospective and opinions ( like all the sisters out there 🙂 ). We both love fashion, jewelry, makeup and all the other fun stuff. We both were born and raised in India ( New Delhi) and moved to Canada many years ago. Having said that Our experiences and stories are/will be based on all sorts…

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Trip to IKEA

Hello you all,

This post is about my 2nd time experience at IKEA, in which I’ll like to mention things I like and things I don’t like at/about Ikea.

IKEA to me, is basically, a one-stop-shop for buying everything you can think of, for a house i.e, anything from a bedroom set to something as tiny as a wall nail. You can pretty much get anything here ( house related of-course) . In case you didn’t notice, I did say ‘GET’ because ‘Actually finding the things you want to get’ is a whole new chapter itself, in some cases.

Without any delay, here’s my list of 5 things I like about Ikea:

  1. The Decor – I actually love how they have actual room staged and setup with bedroom set, sheets, wall decor, curtains, pictures, lamps etc., which gives you the real feel of all the products in the actual room like atmosphere.

  2. Tags info – All the products in the Display room will have price tag with detail along with the warehouse location where you can pick up that product just before checkout. If you have been to IKEA, you know that the store itself is huge and it can take you from anywhere between 2hr to 4hr, just looking & touring around the store. So, if you have a lot of time on hand  and love home decor as much as I do, you will not to disappointed at IKEA.

  3. Separate Warehouse for pick up: It is amazing that you don’t have to walk around the entire store with all the items you would like to buy. You can make a list of things you want by writing down product description and warehouse location on the piece of paper.( I choose to take pictures of the tags) and then you get to pick up everything from the ‘Warehouse’ right before the checkout which has its positives more than negatives.

  4. Activity – Again, if you are in home decor, this place is like a Candy-land for adults. You will love going to this place over and over. This place is very much like a day trip in itself. You can get so many ideas on how to use a small space efficiently, to organize or to re-vamp the look etc. It took me 4 hours at IKEA when I really had nothing specific in mind to buy at IKEA and I came back home with entertainment center, candles lanterns, mirrors and wall art. YUP !!

5. Customer Service – All the people we interacted with were very knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly ‘available’.

Things I didn’t like :

  1. Assemble Yourself – It sounds like fun to some people to actually assemble your own furniture and make it somewhat sound like a DIY project. But I am not a huge fan of assembling furniture, if it’s anything bigger than a book-case/shelfs.
  2. Quality – I found that the quality is somewhat compromised in some products which makes it a little less worthy of your money. In my opinion, you may want to be a little careful when buying products as I saw items that looked cheap quality-wise. You want to make sure, you are paying for the quality you get  and vice-versa.
  3. Item description on your receipt : I am the type of person who likes to double-check everything I bought and verify that with my receipt ( Yes, I do that :)). Again, if any of you have been to IKEA, will know that the description of the item on the receipt are not at all obvious. All their products have a ‘Non-English’ description. So unless, you have all the items in front of you, the only thing you can do it guess the product based on the price you paid. It was not fun.
  4. Price – I have heard it from friends & acquaintances that Ikea is mainly a place to shop for ‘Students’ and are extremely affordable. I disagree!  I mean, the price is comparable to furniture stores like Ashley’s or Rooms-to-go, but may not necessarily  be the quality. Having said that I still find it on the pricey side for the students except things on “Special”.
  5. Location – They have limited no. of locations around North america. In our case, we have to drive 3 hours to shop at IKEA in Orlando which is quite far for frequent visits. Anything closer would have been better.

So that’s all about the likes and dislikes. Here’s some pictures of items we bought at Ikea

  1. Purple flowers wall decor :


  1. Entertainment center:


  1. Chair mat, I think that’s what it’s called:


  1. Wine Rack:


Hope you enjoyed reading this post Should you want more of ‘TRIP TO’ posts, please let me know!

Happy Tuesday,

Being Magnifique